Valkyrie Savage's CS 160 Showcase

20 Aug, 2015

Valkyrie Savage's CS 160 Showcase

This summer BCNM DE Valkyrie Savage (Computer Science) taught the popular course Computer Science 160: User Interface Design and Development. Over the course of eight short weeks, a whopping 58 students formed teams and designed and developed apps for the Moto360 smartwatch. On Wednesday, August 12th, the teams took over Sutardja Dai Hall as they showcased their great work with posters, talks, and demonstrations of their products. Here are some of great applications these students built:

GPEES allows you to go to the restroom without going out of your way!
Sleep Shift helps you master your circadian rhythm.
Tourio lets you go where the locals go.
i-Nventory ensure you never lose anything, anywhere.
Bondfire — not sure what it is — well, they'll help you start one!
BACTracker has your BAC by helping you measure your blood alcohol content!
Plutus helps you take care of your money.
Emergency Response makes the world a safer place.
Heart Rider lets you feel your heartbeat on rides.
Pokémon — catch them all!
Safe Radius assists with worry free traveling with children.
Haggle Buddy helps with the fine art of haggling!
Wildlife Discovery allows you to discover nature's wild side.
Building Scavenger lets you learn about the amazing architecture surrounding you every day!

Check out some of the photos below!