Greg Niemeyer at Berkeley LASERtalks

07 Oct, 2015

Greg Niemeyer at Berkeley LASERtalks

BCNM Director Greg Niemeyer was one of the speakers at the August 12, 2015 LASER talk (Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous) at Berkeley. He reported on a project to visualize and sonify such data in collaboration with Chris Chafe for a project called GNOSISONG which the art and music team was preparing for the show at UNAM Mexico City, and discusses issues concerning the responsible use of data. The GNOSISONG project was on display from August 28 to September 24.

Also speaking at the LASERtalk was Charlotte Jacobs (Stanford University), speaking on Jonas Salk and the conquest of Polio, Vivienne Ming (Neuroscientist) on "Superpowers Cyborgs Taxes Fanatics Reincarnation", and Lauren Baines (Choreographer) on "Embodied Knowledge: Mirror Neurons, Kinesthetic Empathy, and What Site Dance Can Show Us".

The next LASERtalk at UC Berkeley will feature Christine Metzger (California College of the Arts), Jenn Smith (Mills College), Sasha Petrenko (Choreographer), Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley/ Robotics).