Greg Niemeyer on Sciences/Humanities in The Daily Cal

21 Oct, 2015

Greg Niemeyer on Sciences/Humanities in The Daily Cal

BCNM director Greg Niemeyer has been featured in The Daily Cal article "A Tale of Two Berkeleys" by Hazel Romano. The article speaks about the division between the sciences and the humanities, and presents various opinions and experiences of students and faculty as they approach this divide. Below is an excerpt from the article.

"The friction between science and the humanities traces back to the inception of Western academia. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics is often discussed with awe, while jokes are told sardonically in bars and student lounges about the flimsy humanities degree. People engage in friendly and not-so-friendly debates over notions of superiority and pragmatism, both on and off Yik Yak.

It’s no secret that the pulse of an esteemed institution such as UC Berkeley is affected by these diametrically opposed areas of study. What is less known, however, is the complex dynamic between the two, entrenched beneath a surface of antagonism."