Support the Berkeley Center for New Media November 19th

18 Nov, 2015

Support the Berkeley Center for New Media November 19th

A low, deep rumble roils the floor, at first from one corner of the room, then from all over, and suddenly from within. It’s not an earthquake, it’s not a subway, it’s a new kind of subsonic sound instrument created by Tarek Atoui in collaboration with students, staff and faculty from the Center for New Media, CNMAT, and Meyer Sound under the auspices of the Berkeley Art Museum Matrix series.

The instrument, called the 0.9, is an example of a new medium, created for artistic expression through innovation across disciplines.

This is what BCNM stands for: interdisciplinary innovation that acts as the heartbeat of an institution seeking renewal, taking risks, and leading in the discovery of new possibilities. We are calling on you to amplify this pulse.

This Thursday, November 19th, please visit and help our students and faculty research new media, with the hope that renewal will bring positive change to a world often stifled by opposition. Innovation alone won’t save us, but together we can save innovation.

One day. Let's make it BIG.

BCNM brings together scholars from diverse backgrounds to explore the technical, social, and cultural forces that converge in the making of new media. Every project, lecture, course and research project we do connects at least two UC Berkeley departments or institutions.

We don’t have a singular vision for how to benefit society, but rather, we think the connections themselves are what makes a society, and we teach our students how to deepen these connections.

The more resources we can offer our students, the more we can make sure that you hear about their innovations first. On Thursday, we count on you to make a statement with your support, a statement in favor of media.