BCNM Undergraduate Ashley Jerbic featured on Digital Humanities

11 Dec, 2015

BCNM Undergraduate Ashley Jerbic featured on Digital Humanities

BCNM Undergraduate Ashley Jerbic was recently featured on the webpage of Berkeley Digital Humanities for her work as an undergraduate in bridging design, art history, archaeology, and computer science. Jerbic began this path in a seminar class focused on 3D modeling with a focus on simulating seasonal lighting and its impact on spaces. Jerbic has taken this approach of using technology to re-imagine the context in which art was to be experienced in her own research at Mission San Gabriel and in archaeological work in Peru. She also uses 3D modeling and photography to reintroduce the public to pieces in the Heart Collection, finding ways to give the public access and insight to invaluable but fragile historical artwork. Jerbic will continue to hone her technology-driven approach to art analysis and hopes to work as an art specialist in the future with both commercial dealers and conservationists.

From the DH Blog:

Looking back on her undergraduate career, Jerbic encourages students to take unconventional classes and explore opportunities to work as part of team. Jerbic noted that she has benefited immensely from collaborating with professors, students, and staff. “Everyone brings their own knowledge and experience,” Jerbic shared. “Working in a team gives you the opportunity to explore many ideas at once. Working alone, you can only pursue a few activities that are relevant to your research and fit your timeframe. When you work with other people, you can see more ideas realized.”

For a full description of her Digital Humanities work, visit: