UC Cybersecurity in The Sacramento Bee

08 Feb, 2016

UC Cybersecurity in The Sacramento Bee

New coverage on UC Berkeley faculty's concern over monitoring and surveillance of UC digital traffic has been published on The Sacramento Bee, the daily newspaper of California's capital. The editorial board has commented on the challenge of balancing privacy and security in an age of concern over "terrorists, hackers, and domestic spying", along with expressing a desire for understanding and cooperation to help deal with the problem.

This issue has also been covered in the New York Times and the Daily Cal.

Below is an excerpt from the article:
Data in the UC system have generally been more secure even than data on personal laptops and smartphones, and part of the faculty’s fear is that, in adding another set of eyes, third-party monitoring might backfire. Some note that UC still hasn’t explored some basic and less intrusive security options, such as strengthening passwords with two-step verification.

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