Alum Stuart Geiger at the Bay Area Science Festival

10 Oct, 2017

Alum Stuart Geiger at the Bay Area Science Festival

BCNM alum Stuart Geiger, who is also a postdoc at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, will be presenting at the seventh annual Bay Area Science Festival on November 1. There is no cost to attend his discussion, "The Humanity of Artificial Intelligence," which will take place at Restaurant Valparaiso from 7 to 8:30 PM.

Stretching from Santa Rosa to San Jose, the festival celebrates the Bay Area's scientific accomplishments and opportunities by exploring local and global contributions to engineering, technology, and science. It will run from October 26 to November 11, providing lectures, debates, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and more for participants to enjoy and partake in.

From the Bay Area Science Festival event page:

Today, “artificial intelligence” seems to be everywhere — in our phones, vacuums, hospitals, and inboxes — but it can be hard to separate science fiction from science fact. Many discussions about AI imagine a fully autonomous superintelligence that designs itself with little to no human intervention, making decisions in ways that humans cannot possibly understand. Yet the work of designing, developing, engineering, training, and testing such systems requires a massive amount of human labor, which is typically erased when such systems are released as products. In this talk, Stuart Geiger gives a human-centered, behind-the-scenes introduction to machine learning, illustrating the creative, interpretive, and often messy work humans do to make autonomous agents work. Understanding the humanity behind artificial intelligence is important if we want to think constructively about issues of bias, fairness, accountability, and transparency in AI.

See the website for more details about the festival.