Ken Goldberg & Automation Lab on RTVE

03 Oct, 2017

Ken Goldberg & Automation Lab on RTVE

Ken Goldberg, BCNM faculty member and UC Berkeley professor, appeared on Spanish-language program "The Brain Hunter," a series that investigates and seeks answers about science and technology.

Goldberg met with the show's host, Pere Estupinyà, to discuss the future of artificial intelligence within society. In this episode, Goldberg discusses how robots will help us in our work, but not replace us. He uses his da Vinci robot as an example — a sophisticated tool already being used in surgeries to assist surgeons in their work, but not taking over their jobs in the process.

Goldberg also notes that robots have yet to reach the level of capacity that a human being would have, pointing out how mediums such as science fiction arouse fears and myths surrounding the development of artificial intelligence.

See the rest of Goldberg's insights during the episode here. Goldberg makes his appearance approximately 12 minutes into the video.