Ashley Ferro Murray named Curator of Theater and Dance at EMPAC

16 May, 2016

Ashley Ferro Murray named Curator of Theater and Dance at EMPAC

Ashley has been announced the Curator of Theater/Dance at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). She'll be taking over the position from Ash Bulayev.

EMPAC is described as where the arts, sciences, and technology interact with and influence each other by using the same facilities and technologies, and by breathing the same air. They host artists and researchers to produce and present new work in a building designed with sophisticated architectural and technical infrastructure.

Their 220,000 sq ft building contains four venues and additional studios to enable audiences, artists, and researchers to inquire, experiment, develop, and experience the ever-changing relationship between themselves, technology, and the world.

The building includes many firsts and exceptional attributes in the fields of acoustics, structural integrity, theatrical presentation, and digital media. High-bandwidth computer, audio and video networks create a technical infrastructure unlike any other performing arts centers. And, when linked to Rensselaer’s CCNI supercomputer, our superb venues provide opportunities for research that surpass those of most other media research centers.

EMPAC’s curatorial team has four curatorial positions; contemporary performance (dance/theater), music, and timebased visual arts as well as an associate curator for theory and campus engagement, and a project manager. Curators collaborate closely in an interdisciplinary way to shape the events, exhibitions, commissions, productions, and workshops at EMPAC.

Ashley will be very busy developing, implementing and managing programs for artist residencies, events, performances, commissions, installations, and symposia. She will curate, produce, supervise, and manage projects from inception to completion, guiding projects from idea to collaborative realization with a staff of forty. She'll also in charge of watching regional, national and international developments under artistic and intellectual perspectives specific but not exclusive to the field of “art and technology,”

Sounds very exciting! Wish her the best of luck!

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