Ken Goldberg Quoted in MIT Technology Review

17 May, 2016

Ken Goldberg Quoted in MIT Technology Review

In a recent MIT Technology review article on how a "Nimble-Fingered Robot Outperforms the Best Human Surgeons," author Will Knight turned to BCNM's Ken Goldberg to understand the importance of the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR), developed by researchers at Children's National Health System in Washington, DC. The STAR uses 3D imaging technology to apply stitches with submillimeter precision, outperforming its human counterparts. From the article:

“It’s an important result,” says Ken Goldberg, a professor at UC Berkeley who is also developing robotic surgical systems. “The innovation in 3-D sensing is particularly interesting.”

Goldberg’s team is developed surgical robots that could be more flexible than STAR because instead of being manually programmed, they can learn automatically by observing expert surgeons. “Copying the skill of experts is really the next step here,” he says.