Ashley Jerbic on her Undergrad Experience at Cal

24 May, 2016

Ashley Jerbic on her Undergrad Experience at Cal

Ashley Jerbic received her BA in Art Practice and Art History and a BCNM undergraduate certificate. She has been extensively engaged in areas of research that touch upon 3D imaging, art history, art practice, and archaeology. Although an undergraduate, the depth of Ashley’s research allowed her to present her work alongside university faculty, including BCNM’s Ed Campion and UC Berkeley’s Claudia Von Vacano. Below, she farewells UC Berkeley and the opportunities it has provided.

"My interest in the Digital Humanities and New Media comes from an inspiration to visualize what has come before and innovate what will become in the future. My success is the result of a rich community of gracious mentors, art historians, computer science experts, intermixed with those from other disciplines such as New Media, Near Eastern Studies and Archeology. Each of those wonderful people donated their time, their talent, and their resources to train and develop my passions for the Digital Humanities and how it touches so many disciplines. For any mentor or teacher, their goal is have to their best students continue their legacy and pay it forward. I intend to honor each one of them by doing just that. My plans for the future depend on the relationships I have built during my many research projects and Honors thesis as I plan to pursue education at the School of Information at Berkeley and the DH Programs at Stanford or MIT, to continue my research, and ultimately have a career in industry. I thank UC Berkeley for making me the person that I am today!"

The photograph came from Ashley's presentation at the Stanford Learning Summit last December.