New #SELFIE Poetry from Alex Saum-Pascual

27 Jul, 2016

New #SELFIE Poetry from Alex Saum-Pascual

The ever-productive assistant professor Alex Saum-Pascual, Spanish and Portuguese and BCNM, has released her newest batch of #selfie poetry. Readers may remember her from the No Legacy || Literatura Electrónica exhibition currently on display in the Doe Library (until Sept. 2nd 2016), her presentations at the DH Faire or her class' E-Lit showcase.

Prof. Saum wrote #selfiepoetry vol. 2: Women & Capitalism in response to the success of "Fake Art Histories and the Inscription of the Digital Self." The pieces combine self portraits, GIFs and screenshots of word documents to create both dynamic and moving pieces of poetry that explore the experience of women in the digital world. The collection is hosted on social media platform New Hive - and is therefore subject to the whims of the Internet.

One of her poems '24-7', was selected as a finalist in the Relaxation Machine Competition and exhibited in the Print Screen Festival.

You can read her collection here.
However Prof. Saum leaves us with the note that poetry is not viewable on mobile devices, mischievous on Chrome and generally temperamental.