E-lit #selfie poetry and Alex Saum Pascual in Berkeley News

01 Aug, 2016

E-lit #selfie poetry and Alex Saum Pascual in Berkeley News

Assistant Professor Alex Saum-Pascual, Spanish and Portuguese, has been featured in Berkeley News! The article "Sensitive but unclassified: Alex Saum-Pascual on selfies, electronic literature and creativity on the Internet" written by Joel Bahr highlights not only her academic studies in electronic literature, but also her creative e-lit poetry projects, which have received international attention and been exhibited across the globe.

From the article:

"Maybe the best way to think about Saum-Pascual’s work is to picture a moving digital collage on your screen. Some elements are familiar — there are words (both Spanish and English) that are broken into lines and stanzas. Poetry says your brain. Along with the words are images and embedded videos — which is normal enough, you think. Then there are some things that are a bit stranger. Looping .gifs, audio files of a computer reading Walt Whitman’s Wikipedia entry out loud, the sounds of crashing waves, a distant singer and birds cawing overhead. Some pieces have instructions for viewing. Some require the viewer to click around the page to activate a voice. Sometimes there are errors on the page, sometimes there are broken links. Those are part of it too."

"The thing about Saum-Pascual’s work — both academically and artistically — is that it makes us reconsider our relationship with the Internet, and, perhaps, shows us that the boundaries of digital art are further from us than we realize."

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