Revisited: BCNM 2016 Open House

25 Aug, 2016

Revisited: BCNM 2016 Open House

We were thrilled to welcome almost a hundred students, faculty, staff, and friends of BCNM to our 2016 new media Open House on August 23rd! As always, the conversations were deeply engaging and we were excited to find new possibilities for collaborations across the disciplines. We were also pleased to welcome representatives from the New Media Working Group, Digital Humanities at Berkeley, the Dialogic Ethnographies Working Group, the Global Urban Humanities Initiative, and the D-Lab to speak more about their programs and share the diverse ecology of new media activities taking place on campus.

A special thanks to Gail De Kosnik and Renée Pastel for their FanData and Color of New Media visualizations, Greg Niemeyer and team for his virtual reality experience, Alex Saum-Pascual for her #Selfie poetry in abstentia, Kimiko Ryokai for her project Jacquard exhibition, and, of course, Eric Paulos' Hybrid Ecologies Lab, which shared the following incredible demonstrations:

Skintillates: Designing and Creating Epidermal Interactions - Joanne Lo
BCNM LED --> Crafting LED Displays: An Exploration of Light as Material through Secondary Optics - Cesar Torres
LiveWire: Leveraging Theatricality for an Expressive Internet of Things - Cesar Torres
ProxyPrint: Supporting Crafting Practice through Physical Computational Proxies - Cesar Torres
Tool Path as a Mold: Forming 2.5D geometries from plastic sheets - Kevin Tian
Project Jacquard: Probing perceptions of and possibilities for dynamic displays on clothing - Noura Howell
Fingernail displays: Ambient information at your fingertips - Christine Dierk
Ukulele Fabrication: Computationally designing ukuleles for fabrication - Christine Dierk

Check out the photos below!

2016 Open House