Félix Treviño's music TRVN featured on Arca!

19 Sep, 2016

Félix Treviño's music TRVN featured on Arca!

Félix is a BCNM DE student, and interested in exploring the different manifestations of bodies and violence in literature. A part of his research project deals with the way literature uses New Media not just as a channel to build a narrative, but also as a medium to establish a critical discourse on how technology imposes specific behaviors in the “reader” and her formulation of what she understands as reality. It’s important for him not just to analyze the way technology is used in literature but also to think about how it can be used to better understand literature.

Felix's music video TVRN was featured in TVRN, a online platform for emerging cultural trends in Mexico. Adam Bradley's "Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip-hop served as the inspiration for video.

Read the feature in Spanish here