NetProv as Performance Art

30 Sep, 2016

NetProv as Performance Art

Netprov is internet improv.

Netprov is the foil to internet catfishing. Catfishing for the uninitiated is "the deceptive activity of creating a sock puppet social network presence for nefarious reasons. (emphasis added)

… or you you could say Netprov is networked, improvised storytelling in available media, which is the more academic way to approach netprov. In any case, netprov is usually parodic and satirical, but the performer does inform the audience of the performance. Netprov can be an art form. Improvisational theatre is a performance created the minute it's performed. Is both more and less risky, it can be less anxiety inducing to perform, but the performance lasts as long as the platform does.

Netprov is networked improv narrative and can describe a multitude of creative storytelling projects people do in available media. It creates stories that are networked, collaborative and improvised in real time. Performers can use multiple media simultaneously and network separate performances together. It's collaborative and incorporates participatory contributions from readers. Netprov is experienced as a performance as it is published; it is read later as a literary archive. In this way, it's designed for episodic and incomplete reading. Performers can use actors to physically enact characters in images, videos and live performance. Some writer/actors portray the characters they create. Some netprov projects require writer/actors and readers to travel to certain locations to seek information, perform actions, and report their activities.

To see an excellent example of Netprov, read BCNM Prof. Alex Saum-Pascual's #selfie poetry here

The featured image is a screenshot from #selfie poetry.