Shannon Jackson on How Art Transforms Us at Battery Powered

04 Oct, 2016

Shannon Jackson on How Art Transforms Us at Battery Powered

Shannon Jackson was featured in an article by Sara Wilf on Expert Night: The Power of Art & Creativity, a moderated discussion at The Battery. The Battery is an exclusive club and hotel in San Francisco. The discussion of experts, moderated by Marc Bamuthi Joseph, considered "what is art? and how does it transform us?" Jackson is a professor of Rhetoric and Theatre Dance and Performance Studies, and a member of the BCNM board.

Read excerpts of the article below:
"What happens when you bring a rockstar group of activists, performance artists, scientists and researchers together? You get an amazing conversation on topics like the zeitgeist of the unicorn and the parameters of the adjacent possible!

"Shannon Jackson's point of entry to the arts was performance art (see images of her 1993 performance exploring white privilege above), but she pointed out that people often have a “primal connection” to one particular form of art, such as photography or painting. Ultimately, Shannon believes that the arts in all their forms are key to helping communities answer deep, challenging social and political questions."

Read the article, and watch the video of the discussion on Battery-Powered here.