Nicholas de Monchaux at Dust and Data

24 Oct, 2016

Nicholas de Monchaux at Dust and Data

Nicholas de Monchaux, Director of BCNM, will attend the 13th International Bauhaus Colloquium, which will be held at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany from October 26th to the 29th. He will give a keynote speech on the 27th in the Data section on "Hard and Soft: the Bauhaus, California, and the dispersion of design."

The theme for 2016 is "Dust and Data." The purpose is to reflect on the history of both the Bauhaus and it's reception. The conference, as the 40th anniversary of the first conference, is poised to examine historical and contemporary political change. The 13th International Bauhaus Colloquium, together with the Young Bauhaus Research Colloquium, invited international contributions. They intend to set the scene for the centenary of the Bauhaus in 2019. Internationally renowned architects, artists, historians, theoreticians, media theorists and researchers will present new projects and methods of their praxis in the thematic sections objects, archive, migration and data.

From the website:

"The International Bauhaus Colloquium is one of the oldest and renowned conferences on questions of theory and history of architecture.

"The Colloquium was first held in Weimar in 1976 to celebrate the restoration of the derelict Bauhaus building in Dessau and discuss the legacy of the school, and was staged every three or four years thereafter. The invitation of international guests to the GDR (East Germany) marked not only the relative openness of the start of the meltdown years of the Soviet bloc but also an important shift in the reception of Bauhaus history, a legacy previously ignored in East Germany as too individualistic. Each of the meetings in Weimar brought together scholars, theorists, artists, architects and former students from both the East and the West...

"The conference has become one of the most important institutional events in the international academic landscape – an important site of academic experimentation and reflection upon not only the history of the Bauhaus but also that of modernism, within which it is situated."

Nicholas de Monchaux is Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media. He is the author of Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo (MIT Press, 2011), an architectural and urban history of the Apollo Spacesuit. He was winner of the Eugene Emme award from the American Astronautical Society and shortlisted for the Art Book Prize. His latest book Local Code: 3,659 Proposals About Data, Design, and the Nature of Cities was published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2016.

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