Skintillates from Hybrid Ecologies Lab Featured in MakeZine

28 Nov, 2016

Skintillates from Hybrid Ecologies Lab Featured in MakeZine

Skintillates was featured in MakeZine's article "Light Up Your Body with Temporary Tattoo Circuits". The article, by Caleb Kraft, explored the growing development of temporary tattoos with embedded electronic circuitry. Kraft also featured SparkFun ElectriCute's elastolite glow panels, Chaotic Moon's presentation on skin circuitry and DuoSkin's designs as well.

Skintillates is an interactive electronic temporary tattoo created by the graduate students of Eric Paulos, an assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences at the University of California. Skintillates allows people to customize and create temporary tattoos which contain wearable electronics and sensors, which are applied to regular temporary tattoo paper and then onto the skin, like a normal temporary tattoo. Skintillates can use a number of small electronics such as LED displays and even buttons that link with mobile applications so that you can play music from your skin!

Skintillates won the Maker Merit of Honor last year at the 2015 National Maker Faire!

Read the article here or learn more about Skintillate's on the NSF's tumblr here.