Alex Saum in Europe!

19 Jan, 2017

Alex Saum in Europe!

Sabbatical is not slowing down Prof. Alex Saum-Pascual, BCNM and Spanish, who has been traveling across Europe to attended and present at several conferences! Recently, she's presented "Entre la página y la pantalla. Literatura mutante en el medio digital” and “Palabras, cables y museos. O cuando la literatura digital deja la pantalla.” Saum teaches a broad range of courses on Spanish culture and literature, combining the study of literary texts with other cultural products of the 20th and 21st centuries. She has taught courses exploring the role of media on the construction of the Spanish imaginary, the impact of television shows and their adaptation of social realists works, and the role of theater, popular music, or the Web and social media as means of social protest.

Find her presentations from these conferences and read more about Prof. Saum at her website here.

The article on her experiences is in Spanish.