Ron Rael in the Museum of Modern Art

23 Jan, 2017

Ron Rael in the Museum of Modern Art

Prof. Ron Rael, BCNM and architecture, and his partner have four prints featured in a the New York Museum of Modern Art exhibit, "Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter." Kathleen Maclay, wrote an article on the exhibit on the UC Berkeley news website.

Excerpts from the article below:
"The New York Museum of Modern Art describes its exhibit, which runs through Jan. 22, as bringing together projects by architects, designers and artists, working in a range of mediums and scales to respond to the complex circumstances brought about by forced displacement.

"Rael’s border wall ideas use humor and inventiveness to address the futility of building barriers.
“Xylophone Wall,” “Horse Racing Wall,” “Cactus Wall” and “Teeter-Totter Wall” — and two drawings from the “Recuerdos” series in Rael’s upcoming book, Borderwall as Architecture, will be part of MoMA’s permanent collection.

"Rael shares counterproposals for the wall created by his studio that “reimagine, hyperbolize, or question the wall and its construction, cost, performance and meaning.”
"He suggests that despite the intended purpose of the wall — to keep people out — it actually serves as a magnet, attracting people living on both sides to engage in a dialogue."

Read the rest of the article here.