Cinemagillah at the National Museum of Jewish History

23 Jan, 2017

Cinemagillah at the National Museum of Jewish History

Cinemagillah is a participatory art project by BCNM prof. Ken Goldberg and his wife, filmmaker Tiffany Shlain. It premiered on Dec 14th and will be up at the National Museum of American Jewish History for the next 3 months.

The project was inspired by the question - How has the American Jewish experience been represented in film and television? The ongoing Cinemagillah project is a 12 minute film and art installation that includes many suggestions from the public collected via social media, a “cloud-sourcing” method Shlain and Goldberg have used in award-winning films such as The Tribe (2005) and The Making of a Mensch (2015). This project was part of their OPEN for Interpretation Artist-in-Residence program.

The National Museum of American Jewish History, on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, presents educational programs and experiences that preserve, explore, and celebrate the history of Jews in America. Its purpose is to connect Jews more closely to their heritage and to inspire in people of all backgrounds a greater appreciation for the diversity of the American Jewish experience and the freedoms to which Americans aspire.

Read more about the project here.