Nicholas de Monchaux at YBCA Europa Closing

23 Feb, 2017

Nicholas de Monchaux at YBCA Europa Closing

BCNM Director Nicholas de Monchaux performed with Tom Sachs in the closing performance piece of the Europa landing at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and was responsible for launch and reentry. Videos of the live event can be found on the YBCA's Instagram and Facebook, with more information on the event page.

"In this marathon six-hour live demonstration, Tom Sachs’ crew of astronauts will deploy all available space program systems in hopes of a safe landing on Jupiter’s moon Europa, including theLanding Excursion Module (LEM), special effects, surveillance monitors, and other tools and sculptural devices. In the course of collecting samples and performing experiments, the astronauts will drill into Europa’s icy crust in hopes of finding liquid water below. Who knows what might be living in the oceans of Europa? Perhaps some of its aquatic life may serve as a viable source of food for future Europa colonizers.

Following the mission to Europa, the audience will be invited to observe a formal Japanese tea ceremony before the astronauts embark on their long journey back home to Earth." - from YBCA website