Live Fieldwork with Bob & Maxine's Virtual Free Improvisation Orchestra

07 Sep, 2017

Live Fieldwork with Bob & Maxine's Virtual Free Improvisation Orchestra

BCNM's own Ritwik Banerji has organized a concert entitled "Live Fieldwork with Ken Ueno and "Bob and Maxine's Virtual Free Improvisation Orchestra" at CNMAT on Friday September 15th at 7:30pm.

Ritwik's HCI fieldwork will be presented live with improviser and UCB professor Ken Ueno. Ueno will play with a software based artificial free improviser. Following the performance, an ethnographer of music will interview Ueno on the experience and the audience will be invited to comment on musical interactions of human and machine.

From the website: "Human improviser meets machine improviser. After encountering this strange double of human musical interaction in live performance, the human improviser is invited to discuss their experience of engaging with a musician made from computing machinery. How did the machine compare to a human player? In what ways did it satisfy human expectations? In what ways did it fail? In what ways did it succeed? And in what ways does its playing resemble, for better or worse, how human improvisers get along with one another?"

The opening set will be by the amazing Chicago cellist, Fred Lonberg-Holm.

Come out and support Ritwik and see some fantastic human-computer musical works!