ATC Video Now Online: Cheryl Haines

15 Jan, 2015

ATC Video Now Online: Cheryl Haines

We're thrilled to share Cheryl Haines ATC lecture video with you online! Cheryl Haines delved into the relationship she built with Ai Weiwei while working on @Large, one of the first exhibitions to take place on Al Catraz. She was able to offer insight into the curatorial choices she made in conjunction with Weiwei, and how they managed to sustain this partnership across continents through technology.

Cheryl Haines is Principal and Director of Haines Gallery and Founding Executive Director of the FOR-SITE Foundation, both located in San Francisco. Through her Directorial roles at Haines Gallery and the FOR-SITE Foundation, Haines has for over 25 years developed exhibitions and site-specific public programming that has advanced discourse on "Art About Place."

Next up, Caroline Woolard on January 26 discussing "What is a Work of Art in the Age of $120,000 Degrees?"