Camille Crittenden on Women in Tech on Medium

01 Sep, 2017

Camille Crittenden on Women in Tech on Medium

The CITRIS and Banatao Institute Deputy Director and BCNM Executive Committee member Camille Crittenden recently published an essay on the work yet to be finished - in some cases, even started - for the gender gap in the tech sector.

In honor of the 44th anniversary of America's inaugural "Women's Equality Day," Camille pointed to stats beyond the mainstream '79 cent' pay gap, such being that nearly 81% of Americans working for less than minimum wage are women. Taking this fact into account, Camille drove her article's point home:

"Because about a third of them are mothers of dependent children, fixing wage and status inequality would lift not just the individual women out of poverty but their children and families as well."

Continue reading Camille's trenchant article at Medium.