Revisited: "Espacio Publico, Contexto Personal"

07 Apr, 2015

Revisited: "Espacio Publico, Contexto Personal"

Peruvian artist Jose Carlos Martinat and his collaborator and engineer Enrique Mayorga joined the Berkeley Center for New Media and the Art Practice department for a masterclass on reality environments on Sunday, April 5th.

The artists began the day with an overview of their work, which uses technology to question the often blurred line between things and people. Following lunch, groups broke off to explore these ideas further and small interventions were then presented to the group. These presentations inspired a lively philosophical discussion over the meaning of personhood and the contested role technology plays in perhaps dehumanizing and disembodying. With an interdisciplinary community including theologians, artists, and computer scientists, the diverse perspectives enriched the conversation and questioned our preconceived notions of the relationship between objects and humans.

2015 Masterclass