Learning Analytics Conference

28 Aug, 2017

Learning Analytics Conference

This October 6th, the Learning Analytics Conference, a cross-disciplinary one-day event, will be held here at UC Berkeley.

The conference invites faculty, IT experts, pedagogy + design experts, and administrators, but it's also meant for anyone wanting to learn more about how data and analysis can improve learning environments.

Learning analytics, the tenets of which overlap with institutional analytics (think: graduation rates, applicant data) and academic analytics (Student Information Systems here at Cal), is still a relatively new domain, making this conference all the more engaging. John Scott, one of BCNM's very own Designated Emphasis students, has been working with representatives of the I School, School of Education, and Academic Innovation Studio to craft a program that is still accepting proposals.

Here are some of the questions posed by the conference:

  • How do we rethink or shift the role(s) of learners and educators?
  • What about privacy?
  • What role does a student have in accessing or monitoring their data?
  • How can analytics help guide students towards graduation?
  • How can analytics help ensure that the campus or a department is meeting program-level, curriculum-level, or equity and inclusion goals?
  • How can and should analytics fit into the larger learning ecosystem (of a course, department, etc.)?
  • How can analytics enrich learning outcomes in a class?
  • What training, literacies, or fluencies are necessary for us to make effective use of these tools at different levels (individual, instructor, advising, department)?
  • How do we create a culture of interest, experimentation, feedback, critical examination, collaboration, transparency--connected to existing campus mechanisms?

Learn more about this event and save your seat here.