Revisited: Critical Making Course Exhibition

20 Jul, 2015

Revisited: Critical Making Course Exhibition

Critical Making students exhibited projects they’d created for their final assignment of the semester at the Jacobs Institute Design Fest on May 7, 2015. From high-tech skirts that critiqued the personal bubble to smart tampons that warn users when they’re leaking, from armor aimed at making wifi signals visible to adventure applications that encourage urban exploration, the student teams pushed the boundaries of recognizable wearable products to ask new questions about our environment through technology. Previous provocations this semester included technologically augmenting the kitchen and human powered transportation.

Congratulations Habitatt (Haley Rowland, Ian Shain, Shubham Garg, Alison Ong, Cecile Basnage), Fluxx (Xio Alvarez, Oscar Segovia, Sangeetha Alagappan, Lia Johnson, Jonathan Eng), Russell (Anna Carey, Mangpo Phothilimthana, Rick Ling, Jonathan Lai, Emily To), SKRT (Andrew Fang, Andrea Deng, Sumer Mohammed, Brian Ly, Tessira Crawford), my.Flow (Katie Chen, Amanda Brief, Drake Myers, Madeeha Ghori, Tomas Vega), Hugwear (Noura Howell, Phoebe Lin, Adam Hutz, Christian Le), Hertzian Armor (Stanford STickney, Baxter Smith, Julia Solano, Corey Short), feeld (Sofia Gutierrez-Dewar, Jasper O’Leary, Yakshu Madaan, Lee Hamstra, Sarah Chasins).

Special thanks go to instructor Eric Paulos, GSI Emily Chen, and Lab Manager Chris Myers.

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