Special Events

BAMPFA Indigenous Film Series Events: what was always yours and never lost

Special Events
10 Feb, 2022

BAMPFA Indigenous Film Series Events: what was always yours and never lost


This series is organized by Kathy Geritz and Natalia Brizuela and presented in conjunction with the UC Berkeley course Indigenous Arts in the Americas: Old and New Media, taught by Julia Bryan-Wilson, Natalia Brizuela, and Beth Piatote. The film programs and guests are made possible with support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

This program begins with films by makers from different backgrounds, different countries, different homelands, and different nations. Each artist makes works that traverse a wide range of topics dealing directly and indirectly with Indigeneity: assertions of identity and presence in the face of—and regardless of—colonial history and outdated traditions of anthropology, ethnography, and representation. For me, they fit together so well because of how different they are and how they state and assert their individuality, their humor, their deliberations, and their love. I love and respect all of the filmmakers in this program, and they have all challenged and transformed the way that I look at the world and how I exist in it. They make space for poetry, for beauty, for movement between cosmological and visceral worlds, sometimes blurring the lines between both. They’ll teach you things you didn’t know you needed to learn; they claim what was always theirs and celebrate what was never lost.

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Creatura Dada

Caroline Monnet, Canada, 2016


Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, Mexico, 2016

Less Lethal Fetishes

Thirza Cuthand, Canada, 2019

The Violence of a Civilization Without Secrets

Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil, Jackson Polys, United States, 2017

Reflections on postmortem justice through the case of the “Kennewick Man.”

Just Dandy

Thirza Cuthand, Canada, 2013


Caroline Monnet, Canada, 2012

Impressions for a Light and Sound Machine
(Impresiones para una máquina de luz y sonido)

Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, Mexico, 2014


Caroline Monnet, Canada, 2015

The History of the Luiseño People

James Luna, United States, 1993

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