Special Events

Questioning New Media Performance Night

Special Events
03 Dec, 2018

Questioning New Media Performance Night

Please join Professor Jill Miller’s Questioning New Media class for a thrilling evening of final presentations/performances. All projects involve an interactive and critical approach to new media culture. Pizza and cupcakes for all!

Project descriptions:

Tingo: “Free” Cupcakes

We all create a trail of digital and physical information in our daily lives; how much are we willing to share for cupcakes?

Sonic Spatialities: Reverberation & Delay

A sound art piece that allows participant-artists to move sound through space and time while experiencing sonic remembrances and potentialities.

Requiem for the Mango Juul: A Play in Three Acts

A piece that performatively investigates the life, death and (potential) rebirth of the Mango Juul as a media object.

Capturing Bodies

A project that uses a compilation of police body worn cameras and aerial camera footage to pose questions about the relationships between technology, policing, and evidence.

TVRN (TV Right Now)

TVRN features a selection of popular online videos reimagined as TV channels for your viewing pleasure.

Online Citizenship: What Kind of Internet User Are You?

This presentation features an online personality quiz conducted through live polling. Join us as we learn about and discuss our collective online citizenship practices.

PRISM: A Powerpoint Karaoke

We take the infamous NSA’s PRISM Surveillance Program slide deck exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013 and give it a new surprising narrative.

Fictions of Friction

A workbook-style zine that questions "frictionless" user experiences through a series of reimagined scenarios.

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