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Learning Mode: College Readiness Hackathon

Special Events
17 Mar, 2013

Learning Mode: College Readiness Hackathon

The process of applying to university starts with imagination. But sometimes qualified students are unaware of the academic requirements or simply feel overwhelmed by the process. Whether through lack of counseling or the glut of information, even the best students may miss essential steps. This is especially true of community college students, whose requirements can be particularly complex and daunting. Develop an app to address this problem. Your New Media solution will make applying to college fun, inspiring and attainable for the least engaged, as well as most connected, students.

The goals of the hackathon includes: Targeting one or more student groups: K-12 students and their families; 9-12 high school students planning to apply to the UC system, and Community College transfer students -planning to apply for transfer to UC; Preparing students to apply directly from high school or by transfer from community college; Focus on mobile apps and games that run on smart phones (based on html5) or text alert capability for feature phones; Include outcome metrics.

A panel of judges including UCOP and DDI will award prizes in the following categories:

- Best tool for 7th graders
- Best tool for 11th graders
- Best tool for transfer students
- Internship to develop and implement successful apps may be available following the hackathon.

Applications to participate in the Hackathon are due March 1, 2013. For more information and to apply, please visit:

Presented by the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative, and the Berkeley Center for New Media with support from the University of California Office of the President, and the Departments of Education Partnerships and Student Affairs.

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