Special Events

Manufacturing Transparency Exhibition Opening

Special Events
29 Oct, 2015

Manufacturing Transparency Exhibition Opening

NewHive and The Goethe-Institut of San Francisco invited submissions of work based on the theme of “Manufacturing Transparency” using NewHive’s multimedia publishing platform. The top selections will be displayed as an exhibition at the ART-Lounge of the Goethe-Institut San Francisco from October 29th to November 6th, as part of the “Manufacturing Transparency” program.

A jury of judges, including Kerry Doran, Associate Director of bitforms gallery; Harlo Holmes, Digital Security Trainer for the Freedom of the Press Foundation; Lindsay Howard, Curatorial Director at NewHive; and Sabine Erlenwein, Director of The Goethe-Institut will select one artist to receive an award of $500.

At the opening reception JULIAN OLIVER, Critical Engineer and Artist, who is based in Berlin will talk about his project The Transparency Grenade:

The lack of Corporate and Governmental transparency has been a topic of much controversy in recent years, yet our only tool for encouraging greater openness is the slow, tedious process of policy reform.

Presented in the form of a Soviet F1 Hand Grenade, the Transparency Grenade is an iconic cure for these frustrations, making the process of leaking information from closed meetings as easy as pulling a pin.

Equipped with a tiny computer, microphone and powerful wireless antenna, the Transparency Grenade captures network traffic and audio at the site and securely and anonymously streams it to a dedicated server where it is mined for information. Email fragments, HTML pages, images and voice extracted from this data are then presented on an online, public map, shown at the location of the detonation.

Whether trusted employee, civil servant or concerned citizen, greater openness was never so close at hand..

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About the Sponsors:

NewHive is a multimedia publishing platform that provides a blank space and custom tools to simplify the process of creating rich experiences on the web. Committed to supporting its vibrant community, NewHive commissions projects, publishes interviews, and partners with institutions to increase the visibility of net-based practices.

The Goethe-Institut of San Francisco was founded in 1967 and organizes and supports cultural events in cooperation with American institutions. The cultural program work is focused on film and media, contemporary visual and performing arts. Set in the center of San Francisco, our newly refurbished Art-Lounge is a meeting place and digital gallery. The Goethe-Institut offers a diverse cultural program with lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions, film screenings and concerts.

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