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Ken Goldberg at ICRA 2023 - News/Research - Berkeley Center for New Media

Ken Goldberg at ICRA 2023

25 May, 2023

Ken Goldberg at ICRA 2023

Don't miss out on Ken Goldberg presenting at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)!

Ken is the chairperson of the Jasia Reichardt plenary "In Praise of Strangeness" and the keynote on "Human-Like Robots" with Hiroshi Ishiguro, David Hanson, Will Jackson, Andrea Keay, and Stelarc.

Ken is also a finalist for the ICRA 2023 Outstanding Automation Paper for "Can Machines Garden? Systematically Comparing the AlphaGarden vs. Professional Horticulturalists" by Adebola, Simeon Oluwafunmilore; Parikh, Rishi; Presten, Mark; Sharma, Satvik; Aeron, Shrey; Rao, Ananth; Mukherjee, Sandeep; Qu, Tomson; Wistrom, Tina; Solowjow, Eugen; Goldberg, Ken.

Check the conference out here!