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Jillian (Lee) Crandall

08 Jun, 2024

Conference Grant Reports: Jillian (Lee) Crandall at the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting

Jillian (Lee) Crandall presented “Real Estate Tokenization: Digital Transformations in Land, Property, and Technoeconomic Development in Post-Industrial Contexts” and "Critical, Creative, Collaborative." Read more

07 Jun, 2024

Design and the (De)Construction of Nature

Jillian (Lee) Crandall publishes a book chapter in "Imaginary Wilds: ARCHITECTURAL INTERVENTIONS FOR THE THOMAS COLE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE." Read more

02 Jun, 2024

(Un)blocking Utopia

A new article from Jillian Crandall on Blockchain Imperialism and Crypto-colonialism in Global Development. Read more

01 Apr, 2024

Zekarias Musele Thompson and Lee Crandall at the Living Room Light Exchange

Two of our grad students are featured at tonight's Living Room Light Exchange! Read more

21 Mar, 2024

Announcing BCNM's Spring 2024 Conference Grant Recipients

The Berkeley Center for New Media is thrilled to provide small grants to our graduate students to help them share their innovative research at the premiere conferences in their field. Read more

30 Nov, 2023

Announcing Our Fall 2023 DE & Certificate Cohort

Haya Constellation Altar, 2019, Arianna Khmelniuk Read more

Next deadline – October 1, 2024

Conference Grants

Next deadline – October 1, 2024

Conference Grants