Ken Goldberg at Autodesk Design Night

02 Aug, 2017

Ken Goldberg at Autodesk Design Night

EECS Distinguished Chair Ken Goldberg presented on ongoing innovations in the robots field, driven by big data and machine learning, at the Autodesk Gallery in downtown San Francisco.

As a part of Autodesk's, a design software, "Design Night" series, Goldberg was invited to lead an event on machine learning's influence on design. In anticipation of the event, Autodesk highlighted what's so exciting about Goldberg's and his PhD student's, Jeff Mahler, research project Dex-Net 2.0:

"With the refined ability to learn from huge synthetic data sets on a network, combined with positive feedback loops coming from the shared results from the cloud, more dexterous robots could rapidly pack items from a warehouse for shipping, sort and declutter objects in machine shops and households, assemble products, and so on."

Dex-Net 2.0 has clearly been sparking new interest within the robotics industry, which we covered earlier here, here, and here.

Autodesk's "Design Nights" not only host an innovative lecture but also food, music, and activities.