BCNM at Society for Cinema & Media Studies Conference 2017

04 Apr, 2017

BCNM at Society for Cinema & Media Studies Conference 2017

The Society for Cinema and Media Studies recently held its 2017 Conference from Wednesday, March 22 to Sunday, March 26, 2017 at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park. The Berkeley Center for New Media was well represented at the conference, with many participants presenting on wide-ranging topics in cinema and media studies. A full program can be found at here.

Harry Burson presented on “Virtually Listening: Sonic Immersion and the Aesthetics of Presence in Cinema and Virtual Reality” in the Virtual Reality, Videogames, and First Person Cinema session.

Renee Pastel presented on "Hashtag Television: Onscreen Branding, Second Screen Viewing, and Emerging Modes of Television Audience Interaction” in the Internet Information and Interactions session.

Abigail de Kosnik and Andrea Horbinski presented together on “Historicizing Fandom’s Queerness: Conflicts over Sexual Content in the Early Years of Internet Fan Fiction Communities” in the Queer New Media session.

Kaitlin Forcier presented on “Smell-O-Vision Then and Now: theorizing olfactory cinema” in the Media Archeologies session.