Visiting Scholar at BCNM: Xuan Wang

13 Apr, 2023

Visiting Scholar at BCNM: Xuan Wang

Xuan Wang was a visiting scholar at BCNM during 2022. Hear about his experience in his own words:

During my time at UC Berkeley, I had the opportunity to attend a variety of courses and lectures that broadened my knowledge and deepened my understanding of my field. The Berkeley Library provided me with abundant resources for my research, which allowed me to make significant progress on my project.

In addition, I had the chance to visit around 20 university museums and conduct field investigations of their new exhibition technologies. Through online research on their digitization achievements, I collected and analyzed relevant data and ultimately completed my research task by submitting a Chinese-language research report on the digitization of American university museums to the Communication University of China.

I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to conduct research at UC Berkeley and for your support throughout my time there!