Ra Malika Imhotep Featured on

29 Mar, 2023

Ra Malika Imhotep Featured on

Alum Ra Malika Imhotep's poem "an armistice between my dead folks and my delusions" was originally published in Poem-a-Day on January 30, 2023 by the Academy of American Poets!

From Ra's description of the poem:

“An armistice is an agreement made by opposing sides, a truce. This poem describes one of the many confrontations I’ve lived through between my own self-immolating desires and the strong, life-affirming will of my dead folks or ancestors who speak to me most clearly through sensation and most viscerally through experiences of intimacy with and within the natural world. I humbly offer this poem to the tradition of Black nature writers and Black feminist spiritualist poetics. Namely, I’m thinking with Alice Walker, Lucille Clifton, and my contemporaries Marlanda Dekine, Makashya Tolbert, and Destiny Hemphill.”

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