Kelli Moore Transcript and Video Now Online

19 Dec, 2022

Kelli Moore Transcript and Video Now Online

This a great opportunity to review the discussion about the “silent witness” with Kelli Moore! A recording of the lecture has now been uploaded onto Youtube.

This talk centers on an intersectional account of the techno-cultural mediation of struggles for justice in contemporary gender violence crimes. The politics of the silent witness are traced to the plantation economy and seen reappearing in several places, namely, legal instruments for teaching about intimate partner violence; the popularization of digital tools for redressing and resisting sexual assault and harassment; and true crime entertainment. These elements are put into conversation with the ancient virtue of liberality and the idea of the cybernetic loop to hopefully contribute to a more thorough analysis of the history and theory of the cybernetic hypothesis and a reckoning with neoliberal sexual politics.

Check out the transcript here and the video here!