Xiaowei Wang and the Color of the Pandemic

12 Dec, 2022

Xiaowei Wang and the Color of the Pandemic

Xiaowei Wang was featured in the Pioneer Works article, "Color of the Pandemic" which is centered on the color that a select group of artists, writers, and thinkers mattered to them over the past few years.

The article asked each contributor to write about a color that has occupied a special place in their minds, whether it was a hue that suddenly seemed to have political or cultural associations, an object they stared at during lockdown, or just a memory from the past few years that was shaded in a particular way.

Xiaowei Wang's color was, "Chroma Key Green" hex-#44D62C, because, "a green screen is like that middle ground, an in-between space. I equate chroma key green with anticipation, a suspension of disbelief that asks you to imagine: this is real". Xiaowei reflects on the past color trends of the past few years,

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