Clancy Wilmott at NACIS 2022

02 Nov, 2022

Clancy Wilmott at NACIS 2022

The North American Cartographic Information Society’s 2022 conference was held on Oct 20 and our faculty member Clancy Wilmott and graduate student Alexis Wood shared their research on "Rematriating the Map: Indigenous Cartographies for Alternative Futures". From the abstract:

In April 2021 studio.geo?, a cartographic and media design studio based at the University of California, Berkeley was approached by the Sogorea Té Land Trust, an Indigenous, women-led urban land trust based in Oakland, CA to collaboratively make a map of the Ohlone Bay Area. This paper discusses our process: wading through traumatic archives, basket-weaving contours, creating sovereign servers and asking: is it possible to decolonise the fundamentals of cartography itself to produce a map that depicts a cosmography, rather than a history, a living world, rather than abstracted data, a map that rather than fixing a moment in time, represents the landscapes as a series of seasonal space-times through which communities of people live and move?

To learn about this event, please visit here.