Kate Mattingly Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University

07 Aug, 2022

Kate Mattingly Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University

Congratulations to Kate Mattingly for her appointment as Assistant Professor at Old Dominion University!

Kate Mattingly is a teacher, researcher, and writer who focuses on fostering equity in dance education. As a dance scholar, Kate is interested in the ways that dance, dance criticism, and technology intersect. Having studied in Architecture: History and Theory for her undergraduate degree at Princeton University and trained dance at the Washington School of Ballet, Kate came to UC Berkeley to recieve her doctorate in Performance Studies with a designated emphasis in New Media Studies. Her writing has been published in the New York Times, Dance and Pointe Magazines, The Washington Post, and academic journals: Performance Research, Mapping Meaning, Dance Chronicle, Convergence, International Journal of Screendance, and Dance Research Journal. She recently published a co-written article with Kristin Marrs for the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice. Her book, Shaping Dance Canons: Criticism, Aesthetics and Equity, will be published in 2023, and she is currently co-editing an anthology with Iyun Ashani Harrison called Antiracism in Ballet Teaching.

Congrats Kate!