Jane McGonigal on KQED's Mind Shift

11 Jul, 2022

Jane McGonigal on KQED's Mind Shift

Paul Darvasi interviews alum Jane McGonigal on "Harnessing the power of future-forecasting to help invent a better world" for KQED Mindshift.

From the description:

Jane McGonigal is a game designer, future-forecaster, popular TED speaker, and the bestselling author of Reality Is Broken and SuperBetter. Her new book, Imaginable: How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready for Anything—Even Things That Seem Impossible Today, is a practical call to action that encourages readers to envision and shape a better future. Imaginable offers a potent antidote to the sense of helplessness felt by so many as we face a growing climate crisis, global conflicts, runaway technology, and political divisiveness.

Drawing from her work as the Director of Games Research & Development at the Institute for the Future, McGonigal synthesizes cutting-edge research, playful future-thinking simulations, and an array of futurist methods to chart an actionable path forward. In our conversation, she shares how parents, teachers, community groups, and youth can mine futurist techniques to undertake powerful acts of imagination and confront an uncertain future with resilience and hope.

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