Ra Malika Imhotep poetry in Scalawag

14 Apr, 2022

Ra Malika Imhotep poetry in Scalawag

Ra Malika Imhotep's poem "I Claim No Specific Religion" is featured for National Poetry Month in Scalawag!

There are four poems collected in the week's poems list. Quoted from the editor's review on Imhotep's poem:

"In "I Claim No Specific Religion," agency means ambivalence for poet Ra Malika Imhotep. Uncertainty becomes the place of spiritual potency: "Everything I touch turn to charm." This includes things that previously felt slight and commonplace: "a handful of dirt," "a collection of tarot cards," even the speaker's own doubts. "

An excerpt from "I Claim No Specific Religion":

All I have is my self
broken into sleep-
less nights, of wondering
& borrowed ritual.

Blood, a mixed pantheon
forged against forgetfulness.
This the spirit
work of stolen tongues...

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