Jenna Burrell on the Datafied State

13 Apr, 2022

Jenna Burrell on the Datafied State

Jenna Burrell, BCNM Executive Committee member and Director of Research at Data & Society, shares a new Data & Society research agenda on the Datafied State in the earliest stages of discussion and planning, with the hope of inviting collaborations and input from the wider community.

From Jenna:

At Data & Society, the Datafied State isn’t a single project, but a broad agenda that touches on all of our existing programs, builds on past research such as our study of the US Census Bureau and recent report on Electronic Visit Verification, and also suggests areas to expand and grow into. Here we describe the Datafied State and explain why we think studying it is important right now. This research agenda was drafted in collaboration with Postdoctoral Scholar Ranjit Singh who has studied the Aadhaar national ID system in India. We are working toward a broad global view of the State beyond Eurocentric preoccupations and assumptions. Below are some of our points of departure and the questions we’re obsessed with — questions we think need to be answered before we can move forward with recommendations or interventions.

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