Anisse Gross Reviews Imaginable

05 Apr, 2022

Anisse Gross Reviews Imaginable

Anisse Gross reviews “Imaginable: How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready for Anything — Even Things That Seem Impossible Today,” by game designer and professional futurist alum Jane McGonigal for Datebook in the SF Chronicle! Jane makes the case for thinking far beyond the current moment so that when someone introduces innovations like email and bitcoin, you might find them plausible.

Gross praises “Imaginable” as an accessible, optimistic field guide to the future. Excerpted from her comments on the book:

"For a book about the future, which these days feels quite bleak, McGonigal’s book is bizarrely upbeat and radiates hope. Her writing has the uncanny ability to make a reader optimistic about terrifying scenarios. The thesis is not that the future is rosy, but that if we imagine the unthinkable now, when it hits we will be more capable of moving past shock and denial into action."

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