Media Crease Video Now Online

01 Apr, 2022

Media Crease Video Now Online

You can now watch the amazing discussion for our symposium on the Media Crease featuring André Brock, Associate Professor of Media Studies, Georgia Tech and Karen Tongson, Professor of English, Gender & Sexuality studies, and American Studies & Ethnicity, and Chair of the Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies, University of Southern California. The event was presented in partnership with the Color of New Media Working Group.

From the description:

We are honored to have this seminar with senior scholars André Brock and Karen Tongson and their interpretations of the media crease and how it relates to their work. Brock's scholarship examines racial representations in social media, video games, black women and weblogs, whiteness, and technoculture, including innovative and groundbreaking research on Black Twitter; Tongson's work and cultural commentary encompass queer performance, post-millennial pop, trans-Pacific to Southern California journeys, and suburban imaginaries.

“The media crease” is Abigail De Kosnik’s term for the visible or sensible traces of the repeated use of a media object. Media creases can be found within media texts, or on single media platforms, or within particular media genres/formats, and they can also occur across texts, platforms, genres, and formats. There is always a temporal dimension to the media crease — the media crease is always evidence of persistent and repeated use over time. The Media Crease is the subject of a forthcoming collection currently being developed by the Color of New Media Working Group, tentatively titled The Media Crease: Technological Repetitions, Resurgences, Hauntings, Loops & Folds.

Check it out below!