BCNM at Meantime

23 Mar, 2022

BCNM at Meantime

Edgar Fabián Frías and Jill Miller present at ICA SF's Meantime, a series of takeovers and pop-ups occurring during renovations at 901 Minnesota Street, between January and April, in advance of their fall 2022 opening. Learn more about their work below!

Edgar Fabián Frías – Nierika: The Pause, The Void, The Map

March 11 / Viewing: 5 pm – 8 pm
March 12 / Nierika Workshop: 11 am – 12:30 pm
March 13 / Nierika Workshop: 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Learn about the meanings, uses, and importance of the sacred divination tool and concept of Nierika within the Wixáritari community from Mexico. Frías is a non-binary, Queer, Indigenous (Wixárika), Latinx artist, educator, and psychotherapist. Their nierika—a ceremonial and divinatory tool of the Wixáritari people of Mexico—will be on view on 3/11 and the subject of workshops on 3/12-3/13.

Jill Miller + Melody Chang: Dog Pack

April 15 / 6–9pm

Visual artists Jill Miller and Melody Chang collaborated on an augmented reality (AR) environment inspired by urban legends about packs of feral dogs who roamed the Dogpatch neighborhood of SF (home of the ICA SF) during the 19th century, surviving on slaughterhouse scraps from 3rd street processing plants. View this project throughout the run of Meantime.

*Extended display of project through the run of Meantime.

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