BCNM Around the Web February 2022

11 Feb, 2022

BCNM Around the Web February 2022

Check out the great work of our students, faculty, and alumni around the web this February!

Ra Malika Imhotep

On Tuesday, January 18th, SF Camerawork hosted an online conversation with FORECAST 2021 Juror’s Choice Award-winner Nykelle DeVivo, photographic artist Mikael Owunna, and our scholar Ra Malika Imhotep on the topic "Towards Eternal: Reflections on Black Futurity and Imagining". They discussed their work in the context of Black futurity. Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic that uses fantasy and science-fiction to explore the African-American experience as it reconnects with the black diaspora, ancestral spiritualism, and history.

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Beth Piatote

Beth Piatote was featured at Laborgespräch to share different artistic and disciplinary perspectives for a discussion of the aesthetic and praxeological aspects of historical fiction. Through a conversation with Nez Perce author and scholar Beth Piatote and Irish vocalist, composer, and artist Jennifer Walshe we hope to shed light on what unites and separates the creative engagement with history in text, image, and sound.

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Hannah Zeavin

Hannah Zeavin was featured at Dissent Magazine to share views on the feminization of therapy. Dissent Magazine featured a special section on the political economy and policy landscape of the Biden era in the Winter 2022 issue. Hannah aimed to address the fundamental question: Does the Biden administration represent new political energies that offer an alternative to neoliberalism? Or are current reform efforts set to fail, burn out, or be absorbed in the old political regime?” In addition, she was featured at The Huntington News on the topic of "The business of teletherapy platforms" with her book “The Distance Cure: A History of Teletherapy”. The article mainly talks about the increased demand for private practice therapists which caused many people to turn to telehealth platforms increased reliance on these virtual therapy companies creates uncertainty for the future. Dependence on these virtual services is becoming the norm, and advertising and data sharing are surefire moneymakers. As quoted from Hannah, “At the end of the day, these therapy companies are companies first and they happen to host therapeutic activity second”.

To read the article in Dissent Magazine, please visit here! For the article in The Huntington News, please read it here!

Lashon Daley

Lashon Daley will present a New Faculty/Staff Lightning Talks at San Diego State University on 2/16, and she will focus on English. This semester, DH@SDSU will begin experimenting with hybrid programming—virtual in the first half of the semester, and in-person after Spring Break. These programs continue to center care for the community, as they feature events that help us stay connected and support us in exploring approaches to mixed modalities in the future.

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Grace Gipson

Join us for 'Black Woman and Theories of the Future', a virtual conversation detailing and discussing Black women's cultural and academic contributions to Afrofuturism past, present, and future on 2/19. Grace Gipson will feature programs highlighting the powerful and long-standing relationship between Afrofuturism and Black feminism in genres ranging from literature, film, art, fashion, and community organizing.

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Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal, the author of 'Imaginable: How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready for Anything—Even Things that Seem Impossible Today', will be featured in an online book-selling retreat that has live and recorded educational programming, authors, and networking opportunities.

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Trevor Paglen

Trevor Paglen is involved in The Moody Center for the Arts's latest exhibition, “Soundwaves: Experimental Strategies in Art + Music”, to celebrate the history of artistic and musical experimentation, paying homage to visual and performing artists that blend the two together into a melting pot of visual and sonic elements. This exhibition incorporates the experimental strategies in art and music to illustrate the threads that connect these two seemingly disparate mediums together. The exhibit tackles an array of themes, including perception, memory, the passage of time, relationships between technology and the environment, and the struggle for social change.

To learn more about this exhibition, visit here!